Attention Gym Owners Who Want A More Successful Business

How To Turbocharge Your Gym, Your Profits and Your Mindset in 48 hours

Spend 2 days as a guest at Vince Gabrieles’s SPF Mastermind so you can inject serious momentum into your business.

Two Ways to Get Started:

From the Desk of Vince Gabriele:

Dear Gym Owner,

I’m a gym owner just like you...and have been for over 14 years.

I have no plans to sell my gym like many other consultants who reported they sold their gym...but actually just liquidated their equipment and begged someone to take over their lease.

I am in this with real time.

I understand all the challenges, fears, and emotions you go through every day.

I know what it's like to be burnt out.

I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed.

I know what it's like to have thoughts like…”Was this actually a good idea to open a gym?”

I know the painful feeling of not knowing what your next move should be...

Unlike all the lifestyle business coaches out there...I’ve walked in your shoes...I’ve experienced a lot of pain and lots of mistakes in my career…

But I’ve also found the secrets to freedom and prosperity as a gym owner.

The secret to not be tied to every decision.

The secret to all the free time you desire.

The secret to being present with your family when they need you most.

The secret to collecting a handsome paycheck while doing less work than you ever did before.

The secret to becoming a true entrepreneur instead of a tressed-out gym owner.

I’ve created this for myself...but also have created this for several members in my SPF Mastermind.

Through all this, there’s been one thing I’ve always invested in…and consider this to be possibly the biggest thing that has guided my success.

The investment in my education, knowledge, mindset, and access to people I knew could help me get what I want.

I’d like to give you an opportunity to join me, my team and the members of the SPF Mastermind to spend 2 days focusing on helping you become a better gym owner.

We’ll teach how to make money, how to manage and lead your team and how to think differently than every other gym owner.

You’ll leave feeling confident about your success as a gym owner and will have your tank completely refueled with optimism, hope and a business plan you’re excited about.

You Should Purchase a Guest Pass if you...

Currently Own a Brick and Mortar Gym

While I get people from all types of industries reaching out to me for business help...the SPF Mastermind is for Brick and Mortar Gym owners, which means you’ll be hangin around people just like you for both days.

Desperately Need to Get Away

One of the most important aspects of Mastermind meetings is simply the time you spend away from your business. Most of your best ideas will come when you’re not working IN your business, but rather place yourself outside the 4 walls of your gym and get time to THINK. None of us have had this chance lately and most have been bubbling to get away.

Want To Surround Yourself with Other Successful Gym owners

You’re the product of the top 5 people you surround yourself with most. Who you decide to spend time with regularly is a huge indicator of success. The SPF Mastermind is filled with gym owners just like you that are ready and willing to share their most profitable and successful business ideas.

Are Looking for Ideas, Resources and Tools so You can Add

More Money to Your Checking Account

Every meeting our gym owners leave armed with a truckload of money-making ideas. These ideas come from the presentations, the workshop exercises and the resources provided...but these aren't thebiggest source of the money-making goodness you’ll get at this event. The biggest source is the conversations that happen during breaks, at lunch, when people let loose at our famous evening event, and even when our gym owners share Uber rides back to the airport. These are the priceless exchanges that you’ll experience all weekend.

Want to Know What's Working NOW for Gym Owners

Since we ask our most successful members to share their biggest wins...the weekend is chock full of what’s happening in real time to help gyms make more money and be more successful. There is NO theory here, it’s just what is working right now, and all the benefit goes into your checking account.

You Need Clarity on What to Do Next:

If things are a little hazy right now that's totally understandable. We have a process at every meeting that helps you leave the weekend knowing what things you need to focus on over the next 120 days. So, if more clarity on what YOU should be doing to help your business grow...this will be handed on a silver platter.

You have Interest in Joining the SPF Mastermind Group but Aren't Ready to Pull the Trigger without Seeing What We’re All About

Totally get this because joining the SPF Mastermindis a big commitment in both time and money, we won’t sugarcoat that. But we’re only looking to work with gym owners that appreciate hard work, making commitments to excellence and becoming the best they can be. If that’s you…please read below.

You’re Willing to Make an Investment of $297

A very small price to pay for a 2 day live event which also includes meals and an after party. If you decide to become a member at any point during the event...we credit the $297 to your first month Mastermind tuition.

Lavish Praise from Happy, Wealthy and Wise

Members of the SPF Mastermind

“This group has changed my business, my life and my family’s life.”

- George McGuire, Create Fitness, Kent, WA

“This Group changed my life and my family's life forever.”

-Eric Driver, Mission Sports Performance, Adrian, MI

“COVID-19 could have strangled our business if not for the SPF Mastermind.”

-Matt Jennings, The Lift Gym, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

“I’ve been in Cape Cod all week and the gym has been running without me...I have a

sense of freedom I’ve never experienced before.”

-Giancarlo Regni, G-Strength, Philadelphia, PA

“All this damn free time and extra money, I decided to spend it with the family at

Mackinac Island.”

-Brian Sipotz, Advantage Strength, Ann Arbor, MI

“Before I was climbing a ladder to I have a plan not only for me, but my business and my family.”

-Mike Marcinek, NEPA Fit Club, Blakely, PA

“Thank you for being the mentor I read about in books...The SPF Mastermind has

changed my life in so many ways. My family and I are beyond grateful...and I went from

making $120 to $360 every 30 minutes.”

-Anthony Bevilacqua, AB Fitness, East Meadow, NY

“I went from 33K to 55K in recurring revenue.”

-Kyle Newell, Newell Strength, Hillsborough, NJ

“Joining this Mastermind has been hands down the best investment I’ve ever made in

myself and my business.”

-TJ Lopez, AMP Athletes, Syosset, NY

“Since joining I’ve reduced my sessions by 50%, and increased by 10% each month.”

-Noam Tamir, TS Fitness, New York, NY

“Had our first $70,000 month ever in pure recurring revenue.”

-Devin Gage, Gage Strength Training, West Chester, PA

“Since joining I’ve added 22 new members in just a few months.”

- Levi Ramirez, Size Healthy Fitness, Jacksonville, NC

“Ever since joining I’ve felt more confidence and an edge run through me...oh and by

the way, we grew by 35% during a pandemic!”

-Anthony D’Astice, Hustle Strength Performance, Addison, IL

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